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4-Hour Minimum - MAXIMUM Benefits

The Best Practices Home Care Alliance
is an Independent Group of conscientious healthcare professionals united to provide exceptional care to individuals throughout Chicagoland. We are members of professional organizations including: Home Care Association of America, IL Homecare Council, and Life Services Network. We give back to seniors through volunteerism and community programs. We seek to educate professionals and consumers.

What a fantastic idea…you have just made my job so much easier…taking the IL home care list that is overwhelming and  funneling it down to the 6 top agencies.
E.M. Director of Assisted Living
Our Standards
  • IDPH Licensed
  • Minimum 15 Years in Business
  • Professional Clinical Supervision Every 30-60 Days*
  • Caregiver Training Exceeding IDPH Standards
  • Post Hospital or Rehab Discharge:
    • Medication Reconciliation by RN
    • Assist Clients with Follow-Up MD Appt.
  • 30-Day Status Follow-Up with discharge referral

*IDPH requires supervision only every 90 days.
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